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Some of the Things That You Never Knew About Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been there and many people have used them as they have a great impact on what they have been considered for many people in recent days. You need to know that considering the use of the challenge coins as the use of awards, they have gained recognition and popularity at a very high rate. In case you have ever seen a person with a challenge coin, you need to know that this is one thing that makes them feel honored and it matters so much for you. There are many materials that make the challenge coins but basically there are some that are very essential like the use of iron, zinc, and brass among others, they have a great representation of what one has achieved.

There is a great use of the commanders coin, it is very popular and used at a very high rate. The commanders coin is one of the prestigious awards that was issued to soldiers as they have been seen to play a great role. When one has achieved this, he is normally regarded as a war hero, this has been there for all period since the ancient times if Rome.

The Roman Empire has a history of using the coins in the past and this has been there in history. You find that the coins in those ages were much simpler compared to now and they came also with a portrait of the receiver and this is how it was offered much respect. The challenge coin in this case was used in the WW1 and it really defined its use.

In the past, during WWI squadron the challenge coins were also used as an award for the members. In this case each member was offered the challenge coin by the wealthy lieutenant. This showed harmony and actually determined who was really on the squad and the person who was not. They then ended up taking the pouch that has the coin and the pilot held captive in France, though he escaped and the villagers were not keen to allow him back.

Once the soldiers came back there was an introduction of certain rules that involved the challenge coins. You find that the challenge was determined to know exactly who own the coins or who does not and the one who does not would be committed to buy a drink for the other, the challenge coins were even used at times to determine who is a spy among the soldiers by determining those who had and those who did not have in the right manner. There were different kinds of coins and each one of them was used differently, each soldier was to consider using the coin and ensure that it is kept safe at all times.

The awards of challenge coins in the US was started at least the 90s and only the government official was awarded after they have accomplished a certain level. President Trump, for instance, was awarded the challenge coins after he promised to make America great once more, Obama left his challenge coin on the graves of the fallen soldiers after his term of presidency.